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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Twins in Africa

Human twins are a rare because we humans are made to bear one child at a time unlike other animals on earth. And this exceptional birth of twins made a different point of view to people in the past. Some people disdained twins as devils while others worshiped them as Gods, which was mostly performed in Africa. Why is it so?

When you look at twins throughout the world, you will come across some differences in the twin's birthrate among the races. If you compare the twin's birthrates per 1000 childbirth, Negroid (Africans) has more than 20 pairs of twins, Caucasoid (Europeans) has 10 pairs and Mongoloid (Asians) has 6 pairs of twins. As you can see, the Africans twin's birthrate is very high, compared to the other 2 races. I wondered what was making the difference of the birthrates, but we still don't know the exact reasons till now. But from this, you can answer one of my earlier question, "Why are these customs mainly in Africa?" It was because there are more twins in Africa than any other country in the world. And there is another interesting thing. There isn't any large difference seen in the birthrate of identical twins between the races. It's almost the same. But in the fraternal twins case, the circumstances and the constitution influences and makes the differences of the birthrates among the races. So most of the African twins are fraternal twins and the number of the identical twins are the same as the other countries even though it has the highest birthrate.


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