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Saturday, October 15, 2005


When I went to the global festa, I was able to listen to what some university's seminar did. One of the things this seminar did was the "Yamuna Action Plan". Yamuna is a river in India. The goal of this plan was to improve public health. In India, the sewage water is directly flowing into the river. And half burn dead bodies are thrown into the river. So this plan's goal was to make a public toilettes to keep the river clean.
In india, families with toilettes are only 20%. So there is a need for public toilettes. And this toilette is not for free. Because they take money, people will be concsious for the health and safety.

I was very surprised to know that the public toilettes take money. I thought it would be a burden for the poor people. But it was a reasonable thing.
In japan, most of the toilettes are for free. And in America, some toiettes need keys to get into it or you'll need to have the toilet paper because it isn't provided.
It is interesting that you can see lots of differences by just comparing the toilettes.


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