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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and Aid

After the disasterous hurricane, many countries, companies and people are giviing aid. I saw a list of counties and the amount of money they have given aid. Many companies did not just give money, but gave things such as trucks. I was most interested in musicians who gave aid or asking for aid in the media. I often listen to the yahoo music radio. I was listening to Kelly Clarkson and between the songs and the commercials, she gave a brief speech asking for aid.

Since there has been lots of disasters recently, (Tunami and Earthquake too) it is a good thing to know that the world is cooperating. It may also be interesting comparing the aid between the countries and each disasters.

But what was most interesting for me, was that North Korea didn't give any aid but gave a letter saying how they feel sorry for the damage.


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