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Friday, October 14, 2005

federal state

Last year, I wrote a report about a difference in the federal system between Germany and Suisse. I studied this topic because this system is taken where there are lots of different races and cultures in the country, such as ; USA, Canada, Russia etc. Since there are no homogeneous state left, I thought federal system may be the key point in the on comming world.

In Suisse, there are 2 religions and 4 official languages. There are 26 Cantons which each have almost have a single language and a dominant religion. The congress is made up of Nationalrat, the representatives of the nation, and Standerat, representatives of the states. And the electon of the Standerat is a direct vote.
Germany has Bundesland and special states which is generaly superior according to the basic law article 30. And bundesland has legislative authority. Germany has a congress and a German Bundestag. But what is different from Suisse is that from the past of Hitler' dictatorship with the nation's support, there are no referendums.

Like this, each federal state is the same in the way it emphasizes local authority. It is a system well made for diversity. But there are different characteristics between each federal states due to the different history and background each country has.
I think this is going to be nessesarry for this diversed world.


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