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Sunday, October 23, 2005


 Last year, we were given a map of Africa in class. This map was special because the borders were for the tribes and not for the states. We were told to draw the states borders in red as a home work. This taught us how the borders drawn by the suzerains doesn't match the original tribes borders. The main cause for the conflict in Africa is this missmatch of the borders. Different tribes are pushed into one country, or one tribe is divided into several countries. No wounder there are many conflicts in Africa!!

 But the solution is not to redraw the borders. If we do this, it will cause more confusion which will eventualy lead to conflicts. Even if it is not fair, the people in Africa should live with the existing borders. Because of the globalization, every country has different culture within itself. There are many ways for different cultured people to reside in one state. Becoming a federal state is one solution. Assimilation is another solution, though I think this is rather risky.

  When thinking about the melting pot vs. mosaic, I believe most people will think that mosaic is better. But is there a real answer? Because I think its the era that decides the right or wrong. Globalization was thought to be good, and it still is. But now there is localization. Before, everyone wanted to interact, know and feel other cultures. Now, everyone wants to preserve their own culture and refuses it to blend with other culture. Isn't this similar with the US changing from a melting pot to a mosaic?


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